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Gingerbred's Boomerang - I purchased my first Labrador retriever in 1997, from Robert & Dorothea Martin.

His name is Gingerbred’s Boomerang “Boomer”.

He is a sweet, loving boy and such a joy to live with.

I would like to thank Robert & Dorothea Martin for letting this wonderful boy join our family.


Shamrock Labradors is located in historic Randolph, New Jersey where
I have been a small Hobby breeder of Labrador Retrievers since 1997.

All of my dogs are AKC registered. I follow a very selective breeding program that emphasizes soundness, health, ability, conformation and temperament. As a breeder, I take every possible measure to ensure all of my dogs are healthy
and free from inheritable disease.

Our veterinarian carefully screens our dogs prior to breeding including OFA and CERF

All of our breeding dogs are x-rayed and certified clear of any hereditary joint disease. The x-rays are evaluated by a Board Certified Veterinary Radiologist at the Orthpedic Foundation for Animals. We x-ray hips and elbows at a minimum.

Our dogs all have their eyes certified clear by a board certified Veterinary Opthalmologist Annually. Most of our stud dogs and most of our breeding girls are DNA tested to detect if they carry the gene or could be affected with PRA (progressive retinal atrophy) as well.

We use all tests accepted as valid by the Veterinary associations and Veterinary community available to us as breeders to insure we are only breeding dogs that are free of the health problems found in our particular breed. However the Optigen test for PRA is the only dna test available to us that this time give us true genetic information to ascertain whether or not the dogs we are breeding actually have the gene to produce a particular health problem.

Therefore, we like all other reputable breeders, are still at the mercy of the unseen genetic makeup of the dogs and therefore cannot guarantee against diseases over which we have no control. Having said that, we at Shamrock Labradors only breed dogs that are free of any genetic disorders and make every attempt to improving the magnificent breed. Environment, food weight, and exercise also have a significant role in the development of such thing as hip and elbow dysplasia, these are things that the breeder has no control.

My goal for every litter includes health, beauty, conformation, trainability, and temperament. I have carefully selected each dog I own with the ideal Labrador in mind in hopes of improving the magnificent breed with ever litter I produce.

My dogs reflect the true personality of their breed. They are willing and eager to please, making them loyal and loving companions. I strive to produce puppies with excellent temperament, health, and intelligence that will be priceless additions to their new families.
Born and raised in our home, they receive plenty of love and gentle handling, our puppies are part of our family until they are ready to be placed with their new approved families. By the time the puppies are eight weeks old they are very well socialized and well on their way to being house trained.

Our puppies come with health guarantees. Our vet checks each puppy from the tip of its nose to the tip of its tail. She listens to the heart and lungs, checks eyes, nose, and mouth, as well as joint development. Then they are given their first set of shots and are given their last de-worming. After the exam, she issues a health certificate for each puppy.

For pricing, find out more about upcoming litters, arrange for a visit or talk with me directly about Shamrock Labradors' puppy becoming an addition to your family,
please call or E-mail.

Zina O'Grady
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